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Is consisted of the most financial experienced analysts and experts providing online trading services on currencies, gold, stocks and oil. And in this regard we are trying to provide suitable opportunities by identifying technical positions and offering trading signals. We hope we can deduct as much as stress we can from trader’s mind and save time for them to trade more efficient and better concentrated while we are serving such useful services. The contents will be provided by two methods. General forecasts and special forecasts which their terms and conditions will be described in their own sections within the website.
Contents of the website is falling in two major groups:
Ordinary contents
This group of  contents and forecasts are provided as a sample content and general forecasts for overall introduction of the quality of the website’s matters to the visitors. To see this class or category you just need to sign up. In order to sign up click on the “member” link within the website and get it signed up after entering your personal identifications in addition to choosing your own username and password.
Special Contents
The main contents of the website is included in the special contents. To access them, normal and registered users will become a special user and also will be authorized to access all the available sections of the website by subscribing according to the tariff.

Disclaimer Notice
Any idea, belief, analysis, consultant offers and information which is provided in “FXFIBO” portal through its website, must be considered as a report and the outcome of a special process of the analysis department and it is not necessarily the exact and right one. Therefore “FXFIBO” portal disclaims any responsibility to all clients and third parties as well which has access to the client’s trading account and is/are trading based on the aforementioned items above directly or indirectly.